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We arrange for groups, guided tours in French, Dutch and English throughout the year upon reservation. Discover here the different themes we offer.

Visite of the Archéosite (module 1, 2 and 3))

Reconstitutions of prehistoric, proto-historic end Gallo-Roman types of housing on the basis of excavations plans. The various houses have been cautiously reconstituted and furnished; all the objects exposed were realized on the spot and are true reproductions of original objects found during the various archaeological excavations.

We organise our guided visits in two modules

Module 1 (1h)

Bronze Age
First Iron Age

Module 2 (1h)

Second Iron Age
Gallo-roman period

Before each visit, is there an introduction’s film (20 min.)
Languages of visits: French, Dutch en English
Groups of minimum 20 people

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Léonce Demarez Space

Léonce Demarez Space invites you to cross several centuries of religious history in a museum dedicated to the ancient faiths and beliefs.

Accompanied by our guides, you will cover the five themed rooms showcasing the impressive archaeological collection from the excavations carried out on the regional cultural complex Celto-Roman of Blicquy.

The first room permits to familiarise you to the beliefs of the Bronze Age, particularly through the reconstitution of the Nebra disk (Germany). You will then discover the Celtic sanctuaries of the Northern Gaul via models of those Acy-Romance and Gournay-sur-Arronde (France) but also via the copy of Manching Tree worship (Germany).

Centered around copies of the Basin worship called "Gundestrup cauldron" and Torque of Frasnes, the second room immerses you in the complex Celtic beliefs: mythology, the role of druids, deposits and sacrifices...

The third room, entirely devoted to the Gallo-Roman sanctuary of Blicquy, presents, among others, a large model of this sacred area as it was in the second century of our era.

Your journey through the beliefs of our ancestors continues with the fourth room focused on the many facets of the Gallo-Roman religion : mythologies, domestic and official religions, priesthood, offerings and vows, funeral rites, Eastern monotheistic cults ...

The last room will reveal the Merovingian period characterized by the institutionalization of Christianity.

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