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Neolithic Bread

Explanation of the first uses of cereals and the appearance of bread; demonstration of the way pancakes are oven-baked.

Bone carving

Explanation of the way bone was carved from the Neolithic up to the Gallo-Roman period ; weapon shaping with firestone, demonstration of how both the revolution technique and the manual drill are used.


Explanation of the way iron ore has been used since the Iron Age: various tools and weapons are forged in a low firebox.

Dyeing and weaving

Presentation of various plants used in dyeing; demonstration of dyeing and carding methods as well as of the spindle technique used for spinning. Historical presentation of the way vegetal fibres and wool have been used since the Neolithic; demonstration of both the finger technique and the weaving loom technique.

Fire making

Presentation of the various techniques used to make fire since the Neolithic.


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