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Leonce Demarez Space

Interpretation centre of ancient cults and beliefs

This new unusual thematic museum is dedicated to the many archaeological discoveries relating to places of worship and ritual objects of antiquity. Since first built shrines to the Celtic era (fifth century BC) to the Gallo-Roman temples (fourth century AC), this guided tour will take you to discover the polytheistic cults practiced in northern Gaul until the institutionalization of Christianity.

The highlight of the exhibition is made up of the impressive archaeological collection from the regional excavations carried out at the vast cultural complex Celto-Roman of Blicquy "Ville d’Anderlecht" (Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium).

These researches undertaken at the initiative of Léonce Demarez in 1978, by the Circle of Tourism and Archaeological Research of Blicquy, then relayed by the Archaeological Service of the Walloon Region and the Free University of Brussels (CREA-ULB) is Today a body of unique and original knowledge in Belgium.

The homogeneity and the richness of the collection unearthed at Blicquy (deposits of weapons, hoards, statues, jewelleries, mask ...) reflect the importance and splendour of this important archaeological site of Belgian heritage.

The creation of the Leonce Demarez Space was financially supported by the Commissioner General of Tourism, the National Lottery and the City of Beloeil.
The restoration of archaeological objects was supported by the Department of Archaeology, DGO4-Wallonia as well as the Federation of Archaeologists Wallonia and Brussels asbl.



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