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Fixed Dayprices

We organize guided tours in French, Dutch and English all year long upon reservation for schools and various adult groups.

For adult groups, the visit may also be associated with Cervoise tasting (Gallic beer) or a lunch .

You will find below our different options.

Day for nursery school children


The day is organized from 10 am until 3 pm so that children can keep a rhythm similar to a classical school day.

The day is divided as a day at school :
Reception, break, toilets if necessary, various activities requiring listening as well as acting.

How was this project initiated ?

We wished to adapt our site for young children not only just as we were doing previously, i.e. with an appropriate vocabulary, an easy syntax and subjects remembering our young visitors’ experience of life, but also by recounting and acting the different stages of the visit as well as by organizing games enabling them to discover the world of their ancestors.

Gallo-Roman games

The Romans used to grant their children permission to play!
Gallo-Roman children played with rag, ivory or wooden dolls as well as with small clay toys; they also played table hopscotch and many other games you’ll have the opportunity to discover at our side.

Recounted visits

Rich landowners as well as poor peasants will welcome you in their houses…just let yourselves be carried away by the story of their lives!

In Gallic houses you’ll enjoy the light of candles that lighten this traditional type of housing.
The smell of the wooden fire mixes up with that of oven-baked bread.
The daily activities of Gallo-Roman peasants will be related to you.

A servant or the lady of the house will welcome you at the Gallo-Roman villa. She’ll invite you inside and tell you about her life and the ones of her family.

Here is the temple! Come and discover the religion of our Gallo-Roman ancestors.
Both the presents and the prayers devoted to Mars and Mercury will wake up the curiosity of your young tourists !

A Gallo-Roman character will welcome you at the necropolis and let you discover funeral monuments of that time.

From 15 pupils : 15.00 € / child (one drink included)

Informations en reservations.

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Inland waterways transport day for shool groups

Exceptional day devoted to inland navigation and especially intended for school children.

This day is planned partly at the Archéosite d’Aubechies-Beloeil and partly at the Espace gallo-romain in Ath.

Morning: Gallo-Roman museum
09 :45 a.m. welcome
10 :00 a.m. guided tour
12 :00 Departure to Archéosite

Afternoon: the Aubechies Archeosite
12 :30 lunch (one soft drink per student included in the price)
01 :30 p.m. Visit of the Gallo-Roman part
02 :30 p.m. inland waterways transport workshop with a walk on the pond
04: 30 p.m. End of the day

Price: 17,20 € / student

For a group of 24 students minimum and 36 maximum (possibility of two swappable groups).

Reservations required to the Gallo-Roman museum on 00 32 (0)68 26 92 33 or 26 92 35.

This event is not available during the months of November, December, January, February and March.

Information and reservations.

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Archéosite and Dubuisson Brewery

History and land

Exceptional visit of both the Archaeological Site of Aubechies – Beloeil and the Dubuisson Brewery in Pipaix.


9:00 a.m. Welcome and introduction's film to the guided tour
9:30 a.m. the visit of the first part of the Archeosite from Neolithic to the Iron Age (module 1).
10:30 a.m. Cervoise tasting (Gallic beer)
11:00 a. m.Second part of the guided tour, from the second Iron Age (Gallic period) to the Gallo-Roman period (module 2)

12:00 Departure for the Brewerie Dubuisson
12:30 p.m. lunch "rustic table " plate of cold cuts and Bushcheeses, salad, vegetables and french fries.

2h30 p.m. Visit of the brewery: projection of the movie "Brasserie", visit of the museum and the production unit of the Bush Prestige (oak barrels), visit brewing rooms, fermentation and bottling and tasting houses product :
12,50 cl de cuvée des trolls (7°)
15,50 cl de Bush blonde (10.50°)
12,50 cl de Bush ambrée (12°) or 12,50 cl de Pêche Mel Bush (8.5°)


For groups of minimum 25 people. On weekends and holidays, the tour of the brewery will be in the morning and the Archéosite, in the afternoon. This day is not organized on Sundays and Mondays.
Reservation required to the Aubechies Archeosite at the number 00 32 (0)69 67 11 16.

Cost : from 29,80 € per person

Information and reservations.

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Archéosite and Mahymobiles

From the Neolithic Era to the mechanical Era...
Archéosite and Mahymobiles, automobile museum (Leuze-en-Hainaut)


9:00 a.m. Introduction’s film to the guided tour
9:30 a.m. the first part of the tour from Neolithic to the first Iron Age (module 1)
10:30 a.m. Cervoise tasting (Gallic beer)
11:00 a.m. Second part of the tour, from the second Iron Age (Gallic period) to the Gallo-Roman period (module 2)

12:00 Departure for the restaurant
12:15 Lunch at the St. Gery Tavern to Aubechies

2:15 p.m. Departure to Mahymobiles
2:30 p.m Welcome to Mahymobiles
3:00 p.m. Guided tour around the « Ghislain Mahy » hall
4:00 p.m. Free walk through the educational room, space models, retrospectives of two wheels and the gallery dedicated to the bodywork.
17.00 End of the day


For groups with minimum 25 people. On weekends and bank holidays, the guided tour of Mahymobiles will be in the morning and the guided tour of the Aubechies Archéosite, in the afternoon.

Reservation required to the Aubechies Archeosite on the number 00 32 (0)69 67 11 16.

Cost: from 30,00 € / person + 45 € from the guide from Mahymobiles

Information and reservations.
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Beloeil Pass

The Tourism office of Beloeil gives you the chance to discover its region with its most beautiful assets thanks to the “Beloeil Pass”.
This program is intended for groups of at least 20 persons such as association, tour operator or travel agency, all kind of organisations able to gather individuals and, this way, take advantage of an “all inclusive” service.

The « Archéosite et Musée d’Aubechies », the « Château de Beloeil », the « Musée du Négoce de la Toile et de la Bonneterie » in Quevaucamps, the « Musée de la Pierre et du Marbre » in Basècles, the « Musée de la Vie Rurale » in Huissignies, the « Musée Mahymobiles » in Leuze-en-Hainaut and many more sights are accessible with the « Beloeil Pass ».

The staff of the Tourism office is in charge of the reservation as well as the administrative procedures in relation with the area’s tourist attraction you’ll choose.

On receipt of the reservation form, the Tourism office will ensure the fulfilment of all the different formalities and establish a passport to arrive quietly and peacefully on the site, simply to visit and have a dinner with all the convenience and guaranties of a collective satisfaction (guaranteed reception, booked guides, prepared meals and attractive prices)

Information and booking
Office de Tourisme de Beloeil
27, rue du Château
7970 Beloeil
Tel. : 069/68.95.16
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We offer you the opportunity to organize your incentive and/or your meeting on the Archéosite and Museum of Aubechies. You’ll take advantage of this exceptional environment to develop the team’s spirit and the competition’s mind of your staff, to improve the way the members of your group stick together or simply to organize a meeting and, at the same time, to discover our archeological history.

During this wonderful day, you’ll get through the world of our ancestors and become totally absorbed in their daily life. Come and see the way they worked, you’ll discover the traditional ancient technologies.

We offer you several options combining the rent of a Gallo-Roman villa with the visit of the site or a introduction to the ancient arts and crafts techniques by challenging each other, discovery of the Gallic and Roman cooking and/or sailing on our lake. Some of our workshops for the youth can be adapted to an older public.
If you want more information about our incentive days, call us on 00 32 (0)69 67 11 16 of contact us via email.
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Inland waterways transport day for adults

Exceptional day devoted to the subject “Living on dry land – living on rivers” in our regions at the time of the Gallo-Romans.

An exclusive discovery of the Pommeroeul barge exposed at the Espace gallo-romain in Ath; it has been completely reconstituted at the Archaeological Site of Aubechies-Beloeil.
Inland waterways transport’s day for adults
Archéosite and Gallo-Roman museum of Ath

Gallo-Roman museum of Ath
10:00 a.m. Welcome and coffee (optional)
10:30 a.m. guided tour of the Gallo-Roman museum en discovery of the ancient boats
12:00 departure for the restaurant to Aubechies

12:30 Three course meal at the Tavern Saint-Géry (drinks not included)
14:45 Departure to the Aubechies Archeosite

Aubechies Archeosite
03:00 p.m. Introduction’s film to the guided tour
03:30 p.m. Visit of the Gallo-Roman part, discovery of the reconstructed barge and walk on the pond
05:00 p.m. Cervoise tasting (Gallic beer)
05:30 p.m. End of the day

On weekdays: min. 20 people max. 100 people (with 2 groups swappable).
On weekends: min. 20 people max. 50 people
Accessible to persons with less mobility.
Not in November, December, January, February and March.

Reservation required to the Gallo-Roman museum at  the number 00 32 (0)68 26 92 33 (of) 26 92 35.

Cost : from 29,00 € / person

Information and reservations.
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Aubechies, let's discover our ancestors...

At the Archéosite, you will find the magnificence of a Gallo-Roman sanctuary reconstituted and discovered near our site. In the cemetery, you will be initiate to the ancient funeral rites. After the discovery of a luxurious villa, the “Espace Léonce Demarez” takes you to the heart of Celtic and Roman polytheistic religions.

A meal will be proposed to you at the restaurant “La Taverne Saint-Géry”. You also have the possibility to choose a roman meal inspired by the recipes of Apicius.

Aubechies is also one of the 24 most beautiful villages of Wallonia ! You will learn about places steeped in history with a passionated guide: the roman-styled Saint-Géry church (Xst century), the rural-styled Gîte Ajiste (former town hall), the Notre-Dame des Champs Chapel of “La fontaine au Lait battu”…


9.30 a.m. Welcome and projection of the introduction’s film
10.00 a.m. Guided tour of the Gallo-Roman part of the site and the Museum about ancient cults and beliefs
12.00 p.m. Departure to the Saint-Géry Tavern
12.30 p.m. 3-course meal at the Saint-Géry Tavern (drinks are not included)
14.30 p.m. Guided tour of Aubechies, one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia
15.30 p.m. End of the activities


Beloeil Tourism Agency
27, rue du Château
7970 Beloeil
Phone: +32 69 68 95 16

Price: from 23.00€/pers.

Other option: coffee snack at the Saint-Géry Tavern at the end of the activities.
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