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The goal of our non-profit organization is to reproduce prehistoric, proto-historic and Gallo-Roman structures on the basis of excavations plans realized in the region as well as in Northern France. Up to now 6 pre-and proto-historic human settlements have been reproduced. They represent the Neolithic (5th millennium B.C.), the Bronze Age and both Iron Ages (750 B.C.). Each house is surrounded by outbuildings: a workshop for cutting firestone, a corn loft, a potter’s workshop, a workshop for casting bronze and a smithy.

The Gallo-Roman period is represented at the Archaeological site by a fanum, a necropolis and a villa. The fanum is a religious monument typical of Northern Gaul; this one is the first life-size reconstitution of a Gallo-Roman religious monument in Belgium.The necropolis and the villa have recently been reconstituted. This particular brilliant period of our history can thus be studied through various aspects of everyday life, people’s beliefs as well as through the cults and funeral customs practiced then

Every house is fairly furnished and gives a clear image of the different periods concerned, which gives the visitor the possibility of a true immersion into his past.


The Aubechies Archeosite offers you a journey 5000 years into our past. It is a true open-air museum, showing the live of the different populations who have lived one after another here in our region through various reconstructions build on the results of numerous archaeological digs.

Prehistoric times are illustrated by living environments from the Neolithic Era (first farmers), the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.
After stopping off at a Gallic house, you will also have the opportunity to explore the Gallo-Roman period, which is represented by a temple, a necropolis, a villa and a barge (a flat-bottomed boat).
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These animations are usually realized by our craftsmen every Sunday afternoon during the tourist season only (from mid-April up to mid-October). However since all of them take place on a voluntary basis, we cannot guarantee the attendance of all craftsmen every Sunday. We thank you for your comprehension. Demonstrations can nevertheless be realized any time during the week for groups and upon reservation only.
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August 10th, 1983 : Archéosite (Blicquy-Aubechies)
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